omg i totally forgot to share this lovely baby with you, tumblr!!

i got this little beauty back in june, though i am not his creator, only his owner. i must applaud his creator (whos identity i will not reveal incase they do not want me to!!) for paying such attention to detail, hes just flawless, i feel so special to have my favourite character preserved like this

eridan is a 5Stardoll and hes HUGE. hes a 1/3 super doll (about 24 inches tall!!) and hes a BJD so hes completely poseable. his cape is made from crushed purple velvet and his pants feel like silk along with his warm scarf and sweater~
his hair feels fluffy, like clouds, and the streak in his hair can be easily manipulated and styled and his horns are molded using software. his skin is also an adorable troll grey with yellow/amber and violet eyes too!!

im going to get a camera for christmas and some new lovely clothes for him along with a nice carrying case so we can go out and take some pictures in the snow like other BJD owners do (since i didnt take these pictures, his creator did, i dont have a professional camera yet!!). i love this cutie and i dont know what id do without him!! he makes me very happy!!

a huge thank you to his creator (and hussie too of course!!) and i hope you all enjoy mr ampora!! ♥

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